Spectre Racing Cockpit

Built by Sim Racers. For Sim Racers.

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Make It Yours

The cockpit offers up to 19 inches of adjustment from 4'10" to 6'5"

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  • Sturdy

    Say goodbye to the wobbling and shaky rigs on the market. 100% Guaranteed.

  • Adjustable

    The cockpit offers over a hundred different size options; comfortably supporting heights from 4'10" to 6'5"!

  • Affordable

    Save money without sacrificing high quality and performance.

  • Comfort

    High density foam cushion - long lasting support with breathable polyester blend fabric


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Spectre Carbon 2.0 In Action!

Made in New York

Why Spectre Form?

Meticulously Designed for Highest Performance

Spectre Carbon 2.0 - Racing Cockpit - Spectre Form
  • Comfort

    2" high density foam seat cushion - excellent quality with long lasting support

  • Adaptable

    Compatible mounting configurations - support a variety of popular wheels and pedals

  • Adjustable

    Simple bolt structure - full customization to your rig from the chair to the pedals

  • Light Weight

    Under 50lbs - three unique components for simple maneuvering

Racing Cockpit Review

Watch the full Spectre Carbon onboxing.

Quick Assembly

The cockpit kit build comes with simple to follow instructions and only requires two wrenches!