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How adjustable is my driving position?

  • The Spectre Carbon is able to be adjusted to fit your preferred seating position. There is over 12 inches of linear (front and back) travel. There are 3 different angles for both the seat bottom and seat back (9 different seat positions). There are 3 different vertical positions for the wheel. There are 4 different heel positions and each heel position has 2 possible toe positions.

How much does the total cockpit weigh?

  • The Spectre Carbon weighs approximately 50 pounds.

Can the cockpit be easily stored?

  • It can be broken down into each subassembly or broken down completely. The smallest footprint when fully assembled is appx 2 feet by 5 feet. It can also be stood up on its back to reduce the floor footprint.

What wheels and pedals is the cockpit compatible with?

  • The rig comes with pre-drilled holes that fit all Logitech wheels and pedals and most Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheel bases and pedals. Because the material is a high quality wood fiber board, it can be easily drilled into to fit custom wheels and pedals.

Is the Spectre Carbon compatible with direct drive wheels?

  • Yes. As long as the wheel base can be mounted to the wheel mounting plate, the Spectre Carbon is strong enough to endure all the forces output by modern direct drive wheels. (appx 20 lb-ft torque)

How do I enter and exit the Spectre Carbon?

  • The Spectre Carbon is modeled after an open wheel car. Therefore, the ingress and egress of the car is somewhat different to a normal passenger car. You must first enter with your feet and then lower yourself into the seat while placing your feet on the pedals. To exit, move your feet back to underneath you as you push yourself up out of the seat.

What is the maximum weight the cockpit can support?

  • In testing, we were able to load the cockpit to over 250 pounds of weight. We caution drivers of all weights to carefully enter and exit their rig to avoid any unnecessary damage.

What is the estimated assembly time?

  • About 30 minutes to assemble plus some time for fitting.

Do you need tools to assemble the cockpit?

  • Yes, only two 7/16” wrenches are required to assemble the cockpit. 

Is the cockpit easy to assemble?

  • Yes. The entire cockpit is joined by ¼-20 bolts and nuts. 

What type of cushion is used on the cockpit seat?

  • We utilize a high-density foam for both of the seat cushions. The foam is upholstered with a breathable polyester-spandex blend fabric.

What is the Spectre Carbon cockpit made out of?

  • The Spectre Carbon is made using a premium, high strength, lightweight wood fiberboard. This material is able to withstand the rigors of daily use, driving, and racing.

How is the cockpit shipped?

  • Our racing cockpits are packaged securely and shipped via UPS Ground. All shipping costs will be calculated at checkout based on the destination address.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

  • Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and full replacement of defective product upon delivery with conditions.