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Two brothers, some tools, and a garage. Cofounders, Dave Sedacca and Tommy Donohue, (both passionate about wood working and design) were shocked by the overly expensive and bulky gaming chairs on the market. The two were determined to create an alternative that is adjustable, sturdy, and affordable.

Dave and Tommy worked tirelessly to perfect their prototype and, in June 2020, the first Spectre concept was born. The two sourced materials from around the world to design the ultimate performance rig; ensuring the utmost quality and flexibility across all sim-gamers.

Today, Spectre Form offers a uniquely designed cockpit that everyone can enjoy. The cockpit is meticulously designed and precision manufactured with premium materials for all sizes; we even offer up to 18 inches of adjustment from 4'10" to 6'4"!

Dave and Tommy continue to expand and innovate their handcrafted product portfolio.


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